Colombian Pastor visits Northern Ireland

We had the privilege of having Pastor Luis Miguel Huertas and his wife Loida, visit N. Ireland during July/August 2014.
He shared his amazing Testimony in various venues throughout the province and also in Inverness, Scotland. Mission Possible also presented their work at these functions.

From rags to riches

He is the Head Pastor of the Christian Fellowship Church in Bogota which heads up the Foundation that Mission Possible works with. What better person to oversee this work among Street Children, than one who was formerly a Street Child himself. His testimony speaks of how he was abandoned at five years of age and spent most of his childhood rejected and wandering the streets, fighting for scraps of food from the dustbins. He was horribly abused in all sorts of evil ways. At 18 years of age he was in a deep depression and attempted to commit suicide on three occasions. But GOD HAD A PURPOSE FOR HIS LIFE. As he passed a Christian Bookshop one day, a book in the window caught his attention “God wants to heal and transform your life”. He went into the shop and eventually bought the Bible. He took it to where he was living and started reading the Psalms and when he got o Psalm 27 V 10 which says “Though my Father and Mother forsake me, the Lord will receive me”, he couldn’t believe it. He continued reading and gave his life to the Lord. He later attended the OMS Biblical Seminary of Colombia and is now a Pastor.

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