Hope House Residential home for boys in Bogota

Mission Possible currently funds the day-to-day running costs of Hope House Residential home for boys in Bogota.  This home is managed by Luzma Patina who has such a kind and loving heart  for the boys in her care.  Every boy in the home has an “adopted Grandmother” from the Christian Fellowship Church, and these Grannies help with their homework, occasionally take them to their homes for the weekend, and represent their absent mother when attending graduation ceremonies.

The attached email was recently received from Luzma and shows how time spent in Hope House can transform a child’s life from sadness and hopelessness to one of happiness and hope.  This is what your support for Mission Possible has done for John Jairo.

Hope House Residential home for boys in Bogota

John Jairo, who has graduated from High School to University, seen here with his “adopted” Grandmother.

We’d like to express our sincere gratitude for your constant prayers and for all your efforts to find donors for us. We know  the Lord’s kindness manifests through your actions and we thank you for serving Him with joy thus helping us fulfill His plan for our children.  

We’d also like to tell you John Jairo’s story. He’s a 17 year-old boy who came to Hope House when he was 8. His Mother had died and he had not seen or spoken to his father for several years because he was an alcoholic who had abandoned him.  

When his mother died little John Jairo was 4 years-old. His one year-old half-brother and him were then separated and each one went to live with different  relatives. His younger brother went to live with his aunt and John  was put under his grandmother’s care.  She used to beat him and mistreat him until Johns great-aunt took him away from her. 

John lived with  his great aunt for 4 years until he was 8. By then her family decided, against her will,  to give him to the Family Welfare Agency in Bogota who’s director is a friend of  Hope House. Through this person John finds a new home in Hope House.

John  is a shy and introverted boy who likes going to school and studying. He wishes more than anything to go to college and have a career so he can provide for his family and live with his father and  brother.   Since John gave his life to the Lord, we have witnessed a remarkable change and his testimony deserves to be shared:

First of all,  it s through the Lord’s love that John’s self-confidence has grown and he has learned to recognize and develop his skills. As a result he does very well at school and takes his studies very seriously.  

God has also helped him forgive his father and thus restore his family ties. You must know that when his father first came to visit him soon after he moved into Hope House, John didn’t want to see him. The Lord has healed his wounds and he now loves his father and considers him and his brother the most important people in his life. He feels that he has a family now and that Hope House is a source of support and strength to reach his goals.

With kindest personal regards to you and all the nice people I met in Northern Ireland.

Luzma, Manager of Hope House.

We want to help more children like John Jairo so please keep supporting the work of Mission Possible and Hope House Residential home for boys in Bogota. Your donations, whether cash or goods for our shops are much appreciated and with your help we can continue to show God’s love to many of the street children of Bogota, Colombia. 

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