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Mission Possible first heard of Wee Jeff when he was admitted to Hope House at the end of January 2014. Wee Jeff was 8 years old and for the first time in his life, he commenced primary school.  However, the teachers noted that he could not retain what very basic information he was being taught.  This resulted in him being bullied and feeling extremely unhappy.  It was agreed that he should not continue in school.

Wee Jeff - Mission possible

A very sad Jeff when he first came to Hope House in 2014

He was examined by a Psychologist who determined that he needed special psychological treatment and one-to-one tuition.

Mission Possible agreed to fund this special teaching for a period of one year commencing in January 2015.

Jeff 2015

After 3 months treatment, Jeff has now something to smile about.

When Mission Possible Board members visited Hope House in March 2015, they remarked that Jeff was a totally changed boy. Gone was the blank look of pain, sadness and despair.  After only 3 months treatment, Jeff was now happy, smiling, and full of hope. His teacher is confident that progress is being made and that Jeff will be able to commence Primary School before the end of the year.This story is another example of how your help and support is rescuing little children like Jeff from a life of misery to one full of love and care with God at the centre of all that is done.

  “Here is how lots of love and care has transformed Jeff”

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