Mission possible – A Life Transformed

One of the projects that Mission Possible supports is funding the day to day running costs for Hope House Residential home for boys.

Almost a year ago, we shared the story of 8 year old Jeff who was rescued from a cruel and abusive childhood and admitted to Hope House in January 2014.

Mission possible - A Life Transformed

A very sad Jeff

He had been illiterate and severely traumatised. Jeff longed for someone to show him love and care, he longed to have a childhood which up until now he had been denied. For him to have an education was something he never imagined would ever happen. The future for Jeff looked bleak. He was at great risk of being abandoned on the Streets of Bogota, like so many other children.

Read about what happened to Jeff after coming into Hope House here.

During a visit to Hope House in October 2015, Joe and Sadie talked with Jeff’s private Psychologist/tutor who informed them that Jeff was responding really well and gradually recovering from all the horrors of his early childhood. He was making good progress with his education and can now read and write. He will soon be able to attend school along with the other boys from Hope House.

Joe and Sadie met with Jeff, and gone was his look of much sadness and hopelessness. Instead they found Jeff smiling, happy and DOING HIS HOMEWORK. His life has been transformed in so many ways.

Mission possible - A Life Transformed

Jeff’s life is now transformed to one of hope and happiness

He has now been educated to a basic level, but in order for him to reach the same standard as children his age, Mission Possible have agreed to continue to fund his private one-to-one tuition for a further year.

Please pray that Jeff will continue to make good progress in Hope House and that the nightmares of his abusive and unloved childhood will subside.

If you would like to be part of Jeff’s success story and fund part of his private tuition, please do so by making a payment to Mission Possible and send it to our shop address, 44 Main Street, Portglenone, BT44 8HS. Just mark “Jeff” on the reverse of the cheque. Remember, there will be no deductions made for administration – all funding will go direct to this project.

Thank God for the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of these young children. Let us show them and tell them about the love of God.

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