Mission Possible Report on latest trip to Bogota

On 30 March, 2016 a group of 7 from N. Ireland travelled to Bogota to see the progress of the Mission Possible projects and in particular to take part in the inauguration ceremony for the new Hope House for girls and also the new Cultural Centre.

New Hope House 2 for Girls

The ceremony to open the new Hope House 2 for girls was such a blessing. We were amazed to find the amount of re-modelling which had been done to the building to make it suitable for little girls to live in. A new kitchen had been fitted, new bathrooms and new bunk beds.

We were really surprised to meet five little girls who were rescued from very traumatic situations and had already been brought into the home on Monday 28th March. Another girl was due to move in to the home a few days after we left. We had no idea that such progress had been made and this was truly an answer to many prayers. This will be a haven of love and care for such girls. To all who helped fund this new home, on behalf of the girls we say a big thank you.

Mission Possible Report on latest trip to Bogota

Hope House 1 for Boys

Work within the residential home for boys is progressing very well. We praise God that three boys have moved on to University and these spaces were filled with three new boys at the end of January 2016.

Mission Possible Report on latest trip to Bogota

They are now making efforts to become self funding. The boys bake all their own bread and what is left over is sold to neighbours and Church members.
Although very cramped for space, they have started to grow their own vegetables.

Mission Possible Report on latest trip to Bogota

New Cultural Centre

The new Cultural Centre in Juan Rey will be used for various Christian activities by residents in this area. The construction work is just over 80% completed and the remainder will be finished in the summer.

The innauguration ceremony went ahead on Sunday 3rd April and what a privilege to attend such an event – to meet some of the families and their children from this district was such a humbling experience.

IMG_3567a IMG_3621a

One of the purposes of this building is to demonstrate God’s love by providing up to 300 children with a meal every day. This is our goal, to reach a target of 2,100 meals per week. Please pray that God will bless the efforts of all those involved in the Juan Rey project and that we can see this objective achieved.

We cannot do this on our own, we need your financial support to make this happen. Please send your payment to Mission Possible or pay on-line using the Give Net facility here.

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