Hope House Success Stories For Mission Possible

Hope House Success Stories For Mission Possible

Sadie with Ronald in October 2016

This is Ronald, a 19 year old who lives in Hope House and is looking forward to starting University in January 2017.  He looks a normal happy young man, but behind his smile lies a very painful childhood.

Ronald was born in a rural town in Colombia but at the age of 2 his Mum abandoned him.  He then went to stay with his 82 year old great aunt who struggled to look after him.  Unfortunately in this environment, Ronald received all kinds of child abuse, both physical and psychological.

He was rescued and brought into Hope House where he has received much needed love, care and education.

While in Hope House he received a therapeutic process that has strengthened his character while helping to heal his deeply wounded heart.

The manager of Hope House, Luz Ma, says  “Ronald now understands that he is part of a family and identifies simple things as true blessings – a loving embrace, a clean bed, food served at the table.  He has discovered that God has given him talent for drawing and he dreams of becoming a graphic designer.  He is now cheerful, enjoys drawing and playing soccer.”

Since finishing High School and waiting to commence University, Ronald works part time in a local restaurant to enable him to save some money towards his University fees.  He also helps with daily chores in the day to day running of both Hope House for boys and Hope House for girls.

Please pray that God will protect Ronald in this new chapter of his life and that his dream of becoming a graphic designer would come true.   Thank God for rescuing him and turning his life around.

Hope House Success Stories For Mission Possible

This picture was taken in 2011 and shows Sadie helping Ronald with his English homework. At this time she found him to be very shy and lacking in confidence.


Hope House Success Stories For Mission Possible

Joe with Daniela in October 2016

Daniela is the oldest little girl in Hope House for Girls and she is nine years old.  Her mother died only a year ago and she never knew her Dad.  She went to stay with an elderly relative, but this arrangement proved extremely difficult due to many problems, including those of a financial nature.   Before being accepted into the girl’s home in March of this year, Daniela was considered a problem child – was on the streets all day and did not attend school.  Her future looked bleak.

Since coming to Hope House for Girls, Daniela is now reading well, likes to study and is well known for her performance in school.

Luz Ma says  “Today Daniela is a happy, loving, responsible girl who helps the younger little girls with their homework.  Without a doubt, her stay at the Home has been a true blessing to her life.”

“Thank God for Mission Possible.  Through you we have the assurance that God has brought each of our kids from the darkest places to transform their lives and their families in the future so that their stories are not repeated.”

Luz Ma is currently reviewing applications for a further six little girls who will be admitted into Hope House for Girls in January 2017.  Please pray that God will help with this process and that the 6 of His choice will be selected.

The total number of boys and girls receiving residential care is currently 26, rising to 32 by January next year.  It takes a considerable amount of money to pay for such high quality care and is not possible without your help.  Would you like to be a part of these children’s success stories?  If so, please send a donation – made payable to Mission Possible at PO Box 1063, Ballymena, Co. Antrim  BT42 9DS.  Remember, all donations go direct to the project.

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