There is Hope at Hogar Esperanza – Hope House

Yes, there is hope at Hogar Esperanza – Hope House!

We love to receive regular updates from the projects we support in Colombia. Here is the most recent letter we received from Luz Ma who manages the Hope House projects. As you read it, you will see that life is very tough for Bogota’s street children. But thanks to our supporters here in Northern Ireland, we are making a difference and bringing hope. Among those we are helping now are Sofia and Luis Felipe. Read their story below.

There is Hope at Hogar Esperanza - Hope House

Sofia and Luis Felipe

Luz Ma writes –

Dear Joe and Sadie,

It is sad and difficult for me to share my kids stories. I hope to be precise.

Sofia (8) and Luis Felipe (6), are siblings. They live in Bogota, and are the youngest of three children of a drug addicted mother. The eldest brother, only 12 years old, is already addicted to drugs and now him and his mom are in the same institution subject to a detox treatment.

Luis Felipe and Sofia come from a neighborhood of extreme poverty in Bogota. Their house did not fulfill the minimum requirements for the well-being of the kids. Sofia slept on a mattress on the floor with a dog. For food they would beg from neighbours and from people on the street. The kids were often at risk. This was their lifestyle even before their mom entered detox because she did not have a job and left the kids alone frequently.

Sofia and Luis Felipe are now very happy living in the Hogar Esperanza (Hope House), because they have found the opportunity to have a “real home”. 

For obvious reasons, Sofia is quite behind in school, she is currently in the last grade of preschool. Since Luis Felipe is very young he is beginning school but has had great advances.

I send a picture of both of them.

I send you a very special hug and wish God continues to bless your work in Ireland.

Luz Marina Patiño R.

Would you like to help support children like Sofia and Luis Felipe? Help us to help them. You can send donations online using our page here. Alternatively you can send a cheque, payable to Mission Possible, to PO Box 1063, Ballymena, Co. Antrim BT42 9DS.

Remember, all donations go directly to the projects with no admin charges deducted.

We would also love you to pray for the Hope House projects. Especially for all the children – that they would feel ‘at home’ and begin to realise the potential for their young lives. Pray also for Luz Ma and her teams who ensure everything runs smoothly. Finally, that they would all know God’s presence with them.

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