An encouraging story of a young man who came to Hope House

This is a really encouraging story we wanted to share with you about a young man who came to Hope House. We received the following letter about him from Luz Ma who manages both Hope House 1 & 2 in Bogota. The letter also includes *Felipe’s story in his own words.

Luz Ma writes,

I send you the story of *Felipe, he is an 18-year-old who came to Hope House at the age of 6.  He likes studying and has done well in school. At the home he has always been obedient and respectful. He received the Lord Jesus in his heart and was baptized in our church at the age of 15 years.

He is now studying the second semester of university, (Architectural Constructions), and works on weekends to help with the expenses for his studies.

When he was 6, Felipe was abandoned by his Mum and Dad.

The testimony of Felipe: “I arrived at the age of six years at Hope House and lived most of my life in it. I learned many things here and discovered my aspirations and the things that motivate me to move forward, but above all I received God into my heart.

It has been like my first home, it has given me everything that I have needed.  Being here I have known friends and wonderful people.   I have had many experiences, some good and some sad, I have laughed, I have cried. I have spent the happiest moments of my life living as they taught me. Today I am in university, taking a step to fulfil my dreams and all thanks to the love of God that brought me to the Hope House.

They ask me if I have thought about where I would be if I had not arrived at home; the truth I must say that I do not know.  With God’s help I have managed to block out from my mind, the painful memories of abandonment, hunger and abuse.

Thank you to all those kind hearted people in Mission Possible who gave me a better life and have made my dream come true.”

(* – not his real name)

So thank you to everyone who has donated, prayed or helped in any way so that Mission Possible can help support young boys and girls just like *Filipe. His life is transformed and our prayer is that God would continue to bless all we do as we show His love to the Street Children in Bogota, Colombia.

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