street child, Bogota, Colombia

Street Children in Colombia

Mission Possible’s current goal is to extend the support being provided by a team of volunteers from the Christian Fellowship Church in Bogota, Colombia, called the Christian Fellowship Foundation.

The Foundation is a locally-run project that helps children who have suffered hunger, crime, abuse and abandonment. They need rescued!!

Aims and Objectives

Mission Possible’s objective is to bring much needed love, food, shelter and care to children who are, or at risk of becoming, abandoned Street Children in Bogota, Colombia. We also aim to promote the advancement of the Christian Faith through enabling others to witness and share God’s love and compassion to children and their families who live in areas of extreme poverty and who are subject to a life of hunger, crime, abuse, despair and rejection.

We fund the day to day running costs of Hope House 1, and Hope House 2, two separate residential homes for boys and girls who have been abandoned or are at risk of abandonment.

In the very poor district of Juan Rey, Bogota, we fund a project where 85 children are provided with a nutritious meal every day and also told about the love of Jesus.

We are currently constructing a Cultural Centre in the Juan Rey district of Bogota, where up to 200 children will be provided with a nutritious meal daily. This centre will also be used as a place of worship on Sundays. In all of our projects, we want to show and tell of God’s unconditional love.

Project 1: Hope House 1

Hope House 1 is a residential care home in the centre of Bogota for boys from age 5 upwards, who have been totally abandoned on the streets.

The boys are rescued from the horrors of a life spent wandering the streets, all alone and subject to all sorts of horrible abuse.

Read about a life transformed at Hope House 1 here.

Project 2: Juan Rey Centre

We are currently funding a feeding programme in this area where 85 children receive a nutritious meal every day and are educated in a local school. We hope to be able to increase this figure to up to 200 per day as we have almost completed a multi-purpose Cultural Centre which will encompass a church and the feeding station.

The Cultural Centre is almost complete and will be opening in January 2018.