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Yeferson, has been living in Hope House 1 since he was 8 years old. He lost his dad in the armed conflict in Colombia, which forced his mum to travel to Bogotá with her five young children. The struggling mother had nothing to live on, no family to help and in addition to this, Yeferson was already presenting behavioural and learning difficulties. Hope House 1 was soon to provide the transformation that Yeferson so desperately needed. It was as a result of the generosity from Mission Possible supporters and the dedicated staff at Hope House 1, that Yeferson also received the necessary academic help and encouragement. Now aged 15, having also trusted in Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour, Yeferson now has the opportunity to further progress to secondary education. The staff at Hope House have witnessed such a transformation in Yeferson’s life… he has now become a child of God who has dreams and goals, not only for himself, but also for his family.