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The past number of months brought us many blessings that came through people like you.

We give thanks for:

  • Provision of computers for boys and girls, thus facilitating schoolwork.
  • Cameras and headphones for each of our boys and girls, complementing the resources for access to classes.
  • Protection for all the staff of Hope Home in the midst of the difficulties we are experiencing at this time.
  • We have grown in followers in our social networks and more people have met and fallen in love with this project that cultivates the dreams of the boys and girls of Colombia.

Three weeks of school holidays have just ended. However, the children had to stay in both the Hope 1 and 2 Houses due to Covid-19 restrictions. We did ensure that they had a fun and different time. They participated every day in activities at home and in the park with games, evenings, cooking, sports competitions, experiments, and of course rest.

We continue teaching at the homes, with the purpose of guaranteeing that everyone in the Home can be protected. Thanks to the support of our donors, we already have the resources so that this type of study can be carried out without difficulties.