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Hope House 1 welcomes a new resident, Jhosed, to Hope House!

Jhosed is the new member of the Home. He is 8 years old and was born in Palmira, Bogotá. He is the younger of two brothers, who were left by their mother in the care of their grandmother. The grandmother had to leave the boys alone, while she went out to work in order to provide for them. The boys’ schooling obviously suffered greatly. Jhosed was warmly welcomed to Hope House and immediately began his studies in Second Grade. He has adapted very well to his new home and to being with real friends again.

We have received the Academic Reports for all the children, after the first term of school. The results are excellent. Congratulations to the boys and girls! And a very special ‘thanks’ to the teaching staff of each house for their dedication and support.

In the area of Physical Education, with the support of our educator and sports coach, Andrés, the boys and girls enjoy sports, gymnastics and even aerobics at home, and sometimes in the park.

On a spiritual level, the boys and girls continue to spend some time each day hearing from God’s Word. They all enjoy this, and it is so good to see how these times are bringing about change in their lives.

Thank God for the blessing of being able to continue caring for and protecting the lives of our boys and girls, the staff, and all the godparents.