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Carolina is the mum of two children. Yandy is the boy, he is 9 years old and Linda is the little girl, she is 8. Both of them are lovely and very smart. They live with their mum and their stepfather. The have neither internet nor computer at home. This meant that their mum has not been able to do homework with them and help them with schooling during this pandemic. Furthermore, at the beginning of quarantine they did not have enough food, so their mom decided to send Yandy to some distant relatives to make sure that her little boy would have something to eat while she stayed at home with the little girl, Linda. As we found out about their situation, it has been possible to help them with food. Enough for her to be with her two little children at home. If not, this little boy could have been exposed to many dangers. Even though their stepfather works, he cannot pay everything and the pandemic has really negatively affected them all. In addition to this, we opened up a space in the offices to be able to see these children and help them with homework, if not, they would have lost this whole academic year. We have been supporting them for more than three months so that they do not stop studying. This family is in our hearts and prayers and they can know that God loves them through lovely people like you. Thank you!